Nintendo NX Will Use Cartridges Instead Of CD

Nintendo NX may make use of cartridge media as its primary platform, which a recent specs leak suggests.

Nintendo’s recently announced slated console may be designed to accept cartridges, instead of the conventional disc, The Inquisitr reported.


The latest console from the game developers is set to launch early in 2017. A recent leak suggests that the NX would bring back the cartridge media.

As recent trends go, discs and direct software downloads has been the norm, but a quick look at the hardware specs, cartridges may offer far more options than the conventional disc.


Nintendo’s Wii U made use of discs for their media. The discs feature a read speed of approximately 22.5 MB/s, as well as the capacity to store 25 GB of data. Cartridges, meanwhile, makes use of flash memory technology to store data, which are rated much higher that a rotating disc.

The game developers have withheld its reveal of the Nintendo NX at the recently-concluded E3 2016 conference, as it was reportedly due to concerns of imitation. Nintendo claims that its new console would be an advancement in technology, which may have a justified reason for NX’s absence in the conference, Polygon reported.

Critics have uncovered documents showcasing Nintendo’s lineup of consoles’ trademarks, which have mentioned some specs of each device. The trademark mentions some of Nintendo’s products.


The group have uncovered that a paragraph that explains Wii U games have mentioned “optical discs,” which is hardly news, but when they got to the paragraph that explains the trademark for “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” it mentions “video game cartridges,” as well as “video game discs.”

The documents may have revealed that the upcoming NX would feature a cartridge mount as the trademark claim suggests. This had fuelled speculations about Nintendo’s intention to resurrect the almost-forgotten cartridge, according to TechnoBuffalo.

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