Microsoft Is Giving Away A Free Xbox One If You Buy Surface Pro 4

Summer has just begun, but Microsoft is already thinking of back-to-school season, offering students a free Xbox One with the purchase of a Surface Pro 4 in a deal that runs from now until mid-August.

The offer is good only through the Microsoft Store. Users must add both a $899 Surface Pro 4 and a $299 Xbox One to their cart; the Xbox One’s price will be taken off at checkout. 


The news of Microsoft’s newest deal arrives just after the company announced it would be discontinuing its more affordable line of Surface 3 devices by the end of 2016.

Microsoft, however, also confirmed at E3 that its upgraded and thinner console, the Xbox One S, would be released this fall. For those looking to get their hands on the newest piece of gaming hardware from the company, it might be worth waiting, but there are a couple of key factors surrounding the One S that should be taken into consideration. The 4K-compatible version of the One supports HDR color, and that means that in order to truly appreciate what the S is capable of, people should have 4K, HDR-supported television sets. We’ve talked quite a bit about HDR, 4K and what that means for gaming recently, following the announcement of the One S and Sony’s competitor console, the PlayStation 4 Neo.

#Microsoft Is Giving Away A Free Xbox One If You Buy Surface Pro 4