Grand Theft Auto 5 Biggest Mystery Revealed

Yes, you read that correctly. You can now play as Teen Wolf (the Michael J. Fox variety) in Grand Theft Auto 5, that is if you can manage to complete all the steps required to do so. If you are ready to embark on a quest that involves collecting the seven golden peyotes, the twenty-seven Peyote Plants, oh, and completing the entire game.

This Easter Egg has been so well hidden that we are shocked anyone even found it. When you consider all the conditions that must be before even attempting it, we are surprised Rockstar even bothered to create it. If you break it down, the number of people that will actually see this Easter Egg in person must be under 1%, yet Rockstar still include it. That’s what makes them stand out from everyone else, they will go the extra distance for only a few people.

If you do manage to complete all of the requirements, the quest will conclude with a showdown between Sasquatch and Teen Wolf. Seriously. We can’t imagine you will bother completing the quest for yourself, so you might as well watch the video!

The video was created by GTA Series Videos. Even if you aren’t the biggest Grand Theft Auto fan, the video is still worth watching just to see how intricate the game is.

#Grand Theft Auto 5 Biggest Mystery Revealed