Grand Theft Auto 5 New DLC Coming For Xbox One & PS4

The recent launch of the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony GTA 5 update has proven a big hit with fans, with many finding it some of the best new content added since the Online Heists.


While fans continue to ply their trade moving illegal contraband around Los Santos, Rockstar have launched new maps for players to enjoy away from freemode.

Three brand new maps have been added to Trading Places mode in GTA Online, including Trading Places IV based in Little Seoul, Trading Places V in the Lost Club House in Grapeseed, and the Harmony Place Construction Site in Trading Places VI.

Fans can also unlock the Red Swirl Pajamas and the matching Smoking Jacket by logging into GTA Online anytime now through Monday June 20.


For those looking further into the future, it appears at least three new vehicles will be released with the Cunning Stunts update.

These should not be confused with those discovered soon after the release of Finance and Felony, those new rides appear to be tunable, while the ones included with Cunning Stunts will be adjusted for stunting escapades.

It’s reported that Cunning Stunts will arrive in July, and could see a range of souped up vehicles already available in Grand Theft Auto 5, like the Faggio, released with it.

While Cunning Stunts was described more as an extension of the existing Creator Tools, it appears a new Academy could be added to the game in the form of an actual location.


Could it be a new way of earning in-game cash? Fans will have to wait until Rockstar release their full plan in the coming weeks.

“The inspired Creator scene will be getting a vast new set of props, for an evolution of stunting, racing and trials-style creations, and other gameplay possibilities that will surely defy imagination,” Rockstar revealed earlier this year.

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