Mafia 3 Is One Of The Best Looking Games Right Now

The amount of money and craft invested into Mafia 3 is apparent as you approach the game’s E3 booth space. A detailed recreation of the French Quarter in the 1960s, the venue contains a photo booth, fortune tellers, and a classic cinema, the latter of which screens marketing presentations.


For anyone who has tracked the series, it’s a pleasant surprise to see the latest iteration receive such a decadent introduction to the world. The series has long struggled to find its footing. Mafia 3 will be the second game in 12 years of game development that spans at least two studios and two continents. But more so than its predecessor, Mafia 2, an average third-person shooter received with critical disinterest, this new game has the bona fides to compete with big-budget competition.


Set in 1968 Louisiana, the game spans a massive stretch of land — 10 unique districts in all, from the bayou to Southern mansions, drug dens to a facsimile of Bourbon Street. As a technical achievement, it’s astonishing to take in. There’s a rare variety in characters and buildings: dilapidated churches; backwater bootlegger sheds; a steamboat, complete with a tuxedoed Southern elite.

Hangar 13, developers of Mafia 3, have created an astonishing world only possible in 2016

#Mafia 3 Is One Of The Best Looking Games Right Now