Hideo Kojima New Game Death Stranding Is Kind Of Action Game

Hideo Kojima has told Digital Spy his new game Death Stranding will be an action game unlike anything you’ve anything you’ve ever played before – but also revealed it hasn’t even entered full production yet.

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The superstar developer broke the internet on Monday with a brilliant but bewildering teaser trailer debuted on-stage at Sony’s E3 press conference in Los Angeles.

The stunning three-minute clip, starring The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus, a baby and a lot of dead sea creatures, was loaded with symbolic imagery, metaphoric allusions and hidden meanings, but offered little clues as to what form the game itself would take.

Fans have spent much of the time since Death Stranding‘s surprise scouring the trailer for clues as to what it’s actually about. One school of thought went as far as to suggest the clip wasn’t representative of a game at all, but rather an introduction to the newly-formed Kojima Productions studio’s philosophy.

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During our interview Kojima refused to be drawn on specifics – “It would be like telling you who’s the killer in a mystery novel,” he claimed – but did confirm that both Norman Reedus’ character and the other-worldly setting would be appearing in the final product.

That said, Death Stranding the game has not even entered full production status yet. Kojima is still recruiting staff for key roles in his studio and has yet to make a decision regarding the graphics engine they will use to make it – although he revealed he has narrowed it down to two, one of which was responsible for the breathtaking, near-photo realistic visuals in the video.

#Hideo Kojima New Game Death Stranding Is Kind Of Action Game