How Playstation VR Is Going To Destroy Oculus Rift

During their E3 2016 press conference, Sony revealed the PlayStation VR would be releasing on October 13 for $399. In my opion you should get a PSVR instead of getting Oculus rift because if you have a playstation 4 you can easily play games with your PSVR but if you want to get a oculus rift first of all it will cost you $600 which is very expensive for a VR Headset for now! but you also have to get a Oculus rift ready PC to use it and the Oculus rift ready PC’s are expensive too these High end PC comes around $900 – 1200.



Up to 50 games will reportedly be available on the peripheral between its release date and the end of the year, and many of these games will be smaller experiences cut from larger franchises.

Among these, Batman, Final Fantasy, and Star Wars Battlefront will all be available, among many others. Additionally, Sony unveiled Resident Evil 7 would be fully playable in VR, along with Detroit: Become Human.

#How Playstation VR Is Going To Destroy Oculus Rift