A New Quake Game Is Coming Back!

Bethesda might not have had anything on the scale of Fallout 4 to announce at its E3 press conference this year, but the publisher did have a few surprises up its sleeve. First up is Quake Champions, an arena-style shooter “designed for players of all skill levels.”

Developed by iD Software, Quake Champions will feature “a diverse cast of warriors each with different attributes and unique abilities, allowing you to fight the way you want,” according to iD Studio Director Tim Willits. Like other contemporary shooters (Overwatch for one), Quake Champions is being pitched as an e-sports game with promises of tournament support from the publisher. That’s a tough sell given the competition, but at the very least pro players won’t have to worry about speed: Bethesda is targeting 120FPS rendering for the game.

Little else was revealed about Quake Champions, including platforms (PC is a given), but there was a CG teaser trailer, complete with a glimpse of character classes and explosive battles in a large arena. More info is promised for QuakeCon in August.