Devil May Cry 5 Leaked Before E3 2016

What is it with these online CVs forever giving the game away?

First Fallout 4 got leaked ahead of 2015’s E3, then Sony’s exclusive Spider-Man gamepops up on a stuntman’s resume, now Devil May Cry 5 is listed on Norwegian actor, Nils Hognestad’s CV.


It’s since been removed – which gives you ample evidence to say DMC 5 is really happening – and has happily reminded me that of the franchises I didn’t know I wanted another of, Devil May Cry fits the bill perfectly.

Once a system-selling behemoth on the PS2, a more ‘grounded’ and ‘serious’ sequel actually did a remarkable job of stopping its momentum dead. DMC 3 would right the ship and a half Dante-less fourth instalment was fairly serviceable, before the rights were handed over to Ninja Theory who rebooted it altogether, resulting in one of the most fan-hated games of all time (despite it actually being pretty good).

Now that we’re returning to numbered instalments, you can only assume Capcom are back behind the reigns, although we’ll probably have to hold out until E3 is in full swing to get the complete story.

#Devil May Cry 5 Leaked Before E3 2016