World’s Thinnest iPhone Case You Should Get Right Now

So you probably have an iPhone And you love it right ? But you also have to protect it from damages or any kind of scratches well there is a way. put up a bulky ugly case on your iPhone.
But what if I tell you that you can protect your iPhone from light drops or scratches by just putting up a nearly invisible iPhone case.
This is the world’s thinnest iPhone Case “Peel”
A big shout out to peel cases for sending Us these cases for review purposes check them out HERE
This is not a full in depth review of this case But kind of mini review should you buy it ?
Peel iPhone case is in fact the worlds most thinnest and lightest iPhone case in the whole universe which is kind of good thing.
Peel case comes in several different colour such as Kylosun,Tumma And more I Tested peel iPhone case for about 4 days and honestly telling i am not happy with sure it sounds good and looks good but in reality it really isn’t good as you’re gonna thought.
The peel case can absorbs light drops but its not going to survive 10ft drop which is a bummer for me because I drop my phone a lot. Well that’s the only problem I have this case now lets get on to positive sides of this case first of all no doubt this case looks phenomenal on your iPhone the best part is that it really doesn’t over shadow the iPhone beauty which is a really good thing minimalist looks great colours are bright and vivid combined with accurate cutouts for all of your ports in my opinion This is the best looking iPhone case i ever had.
The packaging for the phone is minimalist, It’s only a small cellophane wrapper, greatly reducing what you have to throw away after you remove the case.
But the main question is “Is Peel Case Worth $25” definitely you should buy it for that price point.
#World’s Thinnest iPhone Case You Can Get Right Now