Call Of Duty Infinity Warfare Is The End Of COD Franchise

There Were So Many Better Ideas Not Fully Realised

Call of Duty: Ghosts? An occasionally stealth-focussed campaign all about infiltration, using fear tactics and striking from the shadows.

Advanced Warfare? A ‘near-future’ vision of how the military could operate, taking blueprints and ideas already in motion, and executing on them.

call of duty

Black Ops 3? A vision of the bio-augmented future already touched upon in the likes of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, albeit with a seriousness routed in consequential missions and set-pieces.

See? All these games could and should have been more appropriately fleshed out. Advanced Warfare in particular was just skirting around the idea of futuristic technology changing the world (and the world of COD), only for Black Ops 3 to go off the deep end. Personally I’d of preferred Activision keep the world of AW their ‘future context’ and expand things gradually within. The mech suits would become more effective, we’d see plotlines about experimental mind-altering VR experiences, and naturally, we’d build to something like Black Ops 3. Eventually.


Instead, by making so many leaps in logic and context so fast, COD feels 100% different to the World War-focussed incarnations of old, or even the mid-tier likes of Modern Warfare.

Where do they go after this? To alien planets, or to interstellar travel? Unless someone hits the brakes only for a moment, the COD you know and love is but the most incremental part of where the franchise is right now.

#Call Of Duty Infinity Warfare Is The End Of COD Franchise