Battlefield 1 Trailer Destroys Call Of Duty Infinity Warfare

EA has officially announced the next game in the Battlefield series: Battlefield 1.

The game is set during World War I and features new melee weapons, horses, and biplanes. The trailer shows a rapid series of encounters with tanks, flamethrowers, battleships, and artillery, as well as battles in trenches. We also get to see the soldier seen in yesterday’s teaser, and it turns out the shadow being cast across his face was from an enormous zeppelin flying overhead.

The Trailer is literally crushing the COD infinity warfare trailer.

Those who preorder also get the Hellfighter pack, which includes items inspired by the Harlem Hellfighters, as well as seven days of early access to a new map coming “later in 2016,” according to an Xbox Store listing.

#Battlefield 1 Trailer Destroys Call Of Duty Infinity Warfare