Gears Of War Will Be A Huge System Seller For Xbox One

The hotly-anticipated Gears of War 4 was announced at E3 2015 and shocked many with the reveal of six minutes of tasty gameplay. After that, the game went on a hiatus and no new details were shed on the game for quite a while. However, recently the details have been flowing in at a torrential pace and it’s safe to say that from what we’ve seen and heard that Gears of War 4 is looking to be a return to form for the hugely popular series and perhaps even the huge system seller that the Xbox One needs.


There’s certainly no shortage of confidence with the Xbox team and new developers The Coalition who have already announced a release date of October 11th for the newest entry in the hugely popular Gears of War franchise. It’s no surprise that the series was hurt by the lacklustre Gears of War Judgement but Gears of War 4 and more specifically The Coalition look to be turning the ship in the right direction and Gears 4 is showing a lot of promising signs.



To spot this confidence look no further than the beta tests Xbox One owners will be able to enjoy as early as the 18th of this month as a sign of the faith that The Coalition have in their game. Holding a beta test 6 months before the game’s launch reflects how the team must have a lot of faith in the multiplayer portion of their game as it stands but also shows that they’re giving themselves a decent amount of time to make any necessary/fan-requested changes. This is an example of a beta test done right, unlike The Division which held beta tests so soon to the official launch that it was hard to imagine any significant changes could have been made.

Fans were also treated to the reveal just recently of the official cover art for Gears of War 4 thanks to Entertainment Weekly.

#Gears Of War Will Be A Huge System Seller For Xbox One