Falling Stars: War of Empires One Of The best 4X Strategy Games

“Falling Stars is like Twilight Imperium meets Civilization”

One Of The best 4X Strategy games I have ever played this is my full review of Falling Star War of Empires.


This is a 4X strategy game – which sounds a bit like a punch-up fuelled by crappy beer. In fact, the four ‘X’s stand for the classic principles that underpin this particular offshoot of the genre: explore, exploit, expand, and everyone’s favourite – exterminate!

Platform- PC, MAC

Developed By – Riveted Games

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Falling Stars: War of Empires is a fast-paced 4x strategy game where each decision you make forces the game to evolve differently every time you play. Featuring political agendas that can completely alter the rule set of the game, as well as fleet battles with hundreds of ships at a time, this offers everything players love about space strategy games. Explore strange worlds and develop diplomatic relations with them, or exploit them for their resources. But beware, every planet in the game has their own allies and enemies, and there will be consequences for your decisions!


One of the best and the main features of Falling Stars is the consequences for your decisions the whole game is dependent on your decision so you have to be serious while playing the game because every step has different consequences. This is why this game never gets boring because you have tons of ways to play this game as you want.


Falling Stars combines fantastic Design with compelling strategy. Underpinning it all is a strong design philosophy that connects the tenets of the 4X genre together seamlessly, while providing a plethora of options without being overwhelming. Even during a time when we’re seeing a lot of 4X offerings, it sets itself apart, promising something different from its contemporaries.

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Explore strange worlds and develop diplomatic relations with them, or exploit them for their resources. Every planet in the game has their own allies and enemies, and there will be consequences for your decisions!


You can explore tons of things in this game like I said before this game is not going to get old very soon Falling Stars has its own allies and enemies and you can develop a relation with them or you can just attack them and rule their territory.

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There is no doubt that design of Falling Stars is great and it looks phenomenal from the characters to the background everything is designed very well some people just don’t see the work of developers behind designing the game and making the game look good but the Falling stars is one of the best looking 4x strategy games I have played.


With the simplicity of design, complexity of play, and all-around well-rounded look and feel,” Falling Stars: War of empires” puts together a great package. While it’s not as in-depth in some ways as bigger-budget strategy titles, there’s more than enough here to whet the appetite of interested players, it more than accessible to less-experienced players, as well.

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These are some of the little Features makes Falling Stars a great game to play.

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  • With  unique “formation based” battles, give your orders to hundreds of ships at a time and watch it unfold!
  • Matches ranging from 60 minutes to days long
  • Configurable galaxy size, sparseness, victory conditions, resources, and more to tailor the experience to your liking
  • Brand new “Strategic Action” mechanic that can be leveled up throughout the game, giving players evolving strategic options
  • Each planet has unique diplomatic effects, from causing riots on other planets to offerings of technology and resources
  • Online multiplayer games that can be finished in one sitting
  • Challenging AI that will work for or against you depending on your actions

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With Its massive scale, broad customization, and entirely solid core, Falling Stars has everything that you’d expect from an indie-developed 4X strategy title.


Falling Stars is a clear go-to for those who’ve been looking for a breath of fresh air in the strategy genre, as well as those who love to get their hands on the workings of a game to make something unique.

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