All Playstation 4K Leaks And Rumors

The prospect of a 4K PS4 may be one of the most interesting thing happening in the video game world right now, but it’s important to remember that, so far, we’ve heard nothing from the actual company about the thing. So while we don’t have any official words, there are enough other reports coming in that we can start to put together some pretty good guesses of what Sony has in store for the next version of its flagship console.

Rumors first surfaced during GDC, when a report from Kotaku pointed to anonymous developer sources and overheard chatter. Eurogamer corroborated the rumor independently, with both reports suggesting that Sony was working on a more powerful version of the PS4, maybe known as PS4K (I’d put money on that being the actual name). A later report from The Wall Street Journal also corroborated the PS4K, adding in a report that the console would launch in October.


From there, we can do a little bit of speculation. An October release date would almost certainly point to either a big E3 reveal, or a reveal at an independent press conference with things like price and actual release date waiting for E3. However the company goes, expect the 4K PS4 to be the highlight of that show. The October release also puts it in an inevitable relationship with PSVR, launching in October. So I’d expect a lot of marketing surrounding the idea of VR in 4K (or 2K, really, because you need both eyes). PSVR is currently underpowered when compared to recommended computers for both Vive and Rift, and it’s not surprising that Sony would want to put in some effort to close the gap.

Sony is going to have to be careful on that front, however: if it wants to sell the PS4K to people who already have PS4s but are interested in VR, it has to be sure it doesn’t oversell the idea and make PSVR with a standard PS4 look subpar.


It’s also worth mentioning Microsoft in here too: a 4K Xbox One is likely coming as well, but those “rumors” just come in the form of Phil Spencer obliquely stating that the company was working on a mid-generation hardware upgrade for the console — hard to imagine such a console wouldn’t come with 4k.