Moov Now Review – Personal coach on your wrist


There are tons of fitness tracker out there in the market but only some of them are good an but we got a chance to get our hands-on on the latest personal fitness tracker The Moov Now. and this is our full review of it after using it for more than 1 week



There is no doubt that fitness tacker looks geeky and bulky they just don’t look simple but the Moov Now has very basic and simple design which is a good thing the Moov has silicon band which look way more awesome in hand.The Moov Now is a small pod that is worn on your wrist or ankle. it tracks your running, swimming , cycling sleep, etc.



I used the Moov Now for few weeks i am not a an avid athlete at all. but moov now has some very cool and unique features that forces us to excersice in a  good way you have tons of option to choose from the Moov App the favorite mode of mine was the boxing i love the boxing workouts.


You can choose different modes from the app based on your personal preferences.



So the main question why we are going to buy the Moov Now over the fitbit or garmin the main reason is this because it’s does’t rely on just steps calories or heart rate it does more than that the Moov tracks your sleep at night, calories burned throughout the day, and your active minutes and more. The Battery is great they can last up to six months. so you don’t need to worry to charge it everyday.


Workout syncs automatically but you have to keep the Bluetooth on your android or ios device its dead simple to start a workout you just need to press the Moov and it automatically connects to your device and you are good to go.

It takes full advantage of apple stock health app by transferring all the data to health app so you can easily check your calories burn and steps and much more.


The Moov now is very simple and functional device it’s like “Personal coach on your wrist” which makes it more simple for people to use it.


Beginners will like the motivation and coaching of the Moov, while more advanced runners will be more interested in the detailed information it provides. Other fitness trackers are very expensive but Moov now comes at just $79 which is a very reasonable price for a fitness band.

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