High Power Version Of Ps4 Can Run Games At 4K Resolution

Sony is working on a more powerful PlayStation 4, if a report from Kotaku is correct. The report says the upgraded PS4 would come with increased graphical capabilities to run games at 4K resolution.

Developer sources told Kotaku about the improved PS4. It’s not currently known if current owners will be able to upgrade their hardware or if this will be a brand new system altogether. Whatever the case is, Sony has apparently started talking to developers about it.


According to Kotaku, the “PS4.5” will come with an upgraded GPU that will support games running at 4K resolution and enhance games for PlayStation VR. Kotaku notes that “PS4.5” might not be its official name–it could be a nickname used by its developer sources.

Kotaku claims that it was able to confirm the news with at least four separate sources. However, their sources are unsure of when it will come to market and how much it will cost.

#High Power Version Of Ps4 Can Run Games At 4K Resolution