Canceled Star Wars Battlefront III Is Happening Again

A team of Star Wars fans have banded together to attempt to remake Star Wars Battlefront III, the controversial, ill-fated Star Wars shooter that was in development at Free Radical before being canceled. Eurogamer discovered that developers at Russia-based modding team Frontwire Studios are working to revive and remake the game as part of a project called “Galaxy in Turmoil.”

Star Wars Fans Want to Remake Canceled Battlefront III.png

“‘Galaxy in Turmoil’ (previously ‘Project Rebuild (FRD) BF3’) by Frontwire Studios plans to remake what Battlefront III was meant to be,” reads a line from the project’s ModDB page.

The remake will include maps set on Hoth and Tatooine, as well as test areas. It is also planned to support the X-Wing and Y-Wing flying vehicles, along with weapons such as the DC-15S Blaster Rifle, Republic Grenade Launcher, Republic Missile Launcher, Z6 Rotary Blaster Cannon, and A280C Blaster Rifle.

Galaxy in Turmoil is being produced using Epic’s Unreal Engine 4, and developers at Frontwire said they do not plan to charge for anything. Still, because it uses the Star Wars license–presumably without permission–it’s possible Disney may get involved to shut it down.

The remake’s developers include TheDarkSithLord, ColeT2014, CoolJedy, Corra_Ashu, and Dinozavr. Frontwire is also inviting people with development experience to help out, while you can track the game’s progress here in its forums.

#Canceled Star Wars Battlefront III Is Happening Again