Playstation VR Price Of $399 Is Not Real

GDC 2016 is far from over and yet, Sony Computer Entertainment stole the show with its PSVR release date and pricing announcement.

Unfortunately, there’s something that needs to be clarified about the price of PSVR. Sony is advertising its device as priced at 399$ (or 399€, 349£ and 44,980 yen), but the reality is that this is just not true.


Sony opted to use the existing PlayStation Camera to track the headset, which means that PSVR requires the PlayStation Camera in order to work. However, the camera is not actually included in the 399$ box.

In my opinion, this gets dangerously close to false advertising: PSVR will release in October, but it’s doubtless that many of its sales will happen during Black Friday (scheduled for November 25 this year) and it’s a good bet that a fair number of the less tech savvy customers will buy a device that won’t work out of the box. I’m fairly sure they won’t be pleased to learn about the need to fork an additional 59.99$ for the camera.

That’s not even the whole story, as the 399$ box won’t have any Move controllers either. While they are not required to use PSVR, they are potentially a lot more suited than the DualShock 4 controller for the VR environment.

If you wanted a couple Move controllers, as showcased in several promotional PSVR images, you’d need to spend another $60 at least





Sony’s excuse, as mentioned to The Verge, is that “some people already own the camera”. Except they wouldn’t release specific numbers, which is a clear indication that not that many PlayStation 4 customers own it or they would shout it from the rooftops as they regularly do with the sales of the console itself.

In fact, we haven’t had concrete numbers about PlayStation Camera sales since GDC 2014. At that point, the peripheral had sold around 900K units with a 15% attach rate.

It is highly unlikely that the attach rate is significantly higher these days, since there has been no major reason to buy it until PSVR. Then, for 70-75% of the PlayStation 4 install base PSVR will actually cost 450-460$ or over 500$ with the Move controllers.

#Playstation VR Price Of $399 Is Not Real