The Most Affordable Bluetooth Keyboard You Can Get Right Now

Have You Ever Heard Of Logitech K480 Chances Are You Have Heard It’s A Rather Popular Bluetooth Keyboard. And This Is Our Full Review Of Logitech k480.




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The design and build quality is actually very good considering it’s cheap price it give a smooth and plain feeling on both back and front Panels and the shape of the keys are actually not square like any other keyboard Out There they are almost circular. You have all the traditional keys And with some special keys for performing tasks on both Android and IOS and my personal favorite feature of the keyboard is the compatibility with both Windows And mac you have mac Command Key and windows traditional keys which makes it more convenient and productive .


At 0.79 by 11.77 by 7.68 inches (HWD), the K480 the keyboard is fairly compact width-wise and rather long in-depth. You Can keep you android or ios device in the slot on the upper side of the keyboard which works as a stand for mobile phones and tablets.


The K480 uses two AAA batteries, which are included with the keyboard, and Logitech claims they’ll last up to two years.

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My Choice of keyboard is actually the apple wireless keyboard which is expensive and can only be used with mac but now i am using k480 as my daily keyboard. The typing on k480 is pretty great with well-spaced keys, deep travel, and decent but slightly mushy feedback, the K480 is comfortable to type on.


Logitech has implemented some of the android and ios key feature in their keyboard like going back, multitasking, taking screenshots opening spotlight search (Only In IOS)


I connected the K480 to an Dell Laptop, an iPad running iOS 8, and my Iphone 6 plus running ios 9 as part of my tests. And i was really surprised by the flawless working between devices. K480 Does a fantastic job in connecting simultaneously between different platforms

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Logitech K480 Is a must have keyboard for everyone i recommend it to any person who loves Bluetooth keyboard and for those who wants multiple functionality in keyboard at a reasonable price For Just $35 (Rs 2,795).


Ideally, you could use the K480 to type on your computer and effortlessly switch keyboard functionality to your phone without picking it up to reply to a text. It may be tough to find a reason for the third connection, but it’s there if you need it


Buy Logitech K480 (India) – Here

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