Gears of War 4 Is Not Survival Horror But The Story Will Be “Darker”

There has been some talk about how Gears of War 4’s story will be “darker” and more in line with the tone of the first games. While this will apparently be true, producer Rod Fergusson has now made it clear that the upcoming Xbox One game is still very much an action game that fans will feel familiar with.

Responding to some creepy-looking Gears of War images, someone on Twitter asked Fergusson, “Is this going to be a horror game now??”


Fergusson stressed that, no, this will not be the case. “No–we’re not survival horror. We just wanted a darker tone. We’re still an action game,” he explained.

Back in August 2015, Fergusson said Gears of War 4 is aiming to tell a more intimate, personal, and morally ambiguous narrative than the past few games in the series. He explained that while the first Gears of War was a suspenseful game about the dangerous creatures in the universe, Gears of War 3 was too focused on the war between humans and Locusts and lost that tension.

Developer The Coalition is thus attempting to bring Gears 4 back to its roots by evoking, in his words, “that sense of mystery, things going bump in the night.”

#Gears of War 4 Is Not Survival Horror But The Story Will Be “Darker”