Dark Souls 3 Going To Run At 60fps On PC

The PC version of role-playing game Dark Souls III will indeed run at 60fps, publisher Bandai Namco announced today. The company made its statement on Twitter, responding to speculation that the computer version might be locked at 30fps. That is not the case. “Forget what you’ve heard,” it said.


As Polygon explains, the first Dark Souls ran at a locked 30fps on PC, but only until modders were able to unlock a higher frame rate. Sequel Dark Souls II ran at 60fps right out of the gate.

Rumors that Dark Souls III’s PC version would be locked at 30fps appear to stem from a Bandai Namco representative who apparently told someone (via Segment Next) that would be the case.

#Dark Souls 3 Going To Run At 60fps On PC