Microsoft Will Now Release Xbox One Exclusives On The PC Same Day

Halo. Forza. Fable. Gears of War. These exclusive games are all potential reasons to buy a Microsoft Xbox One game console instead of Sony’s PlayStation 4. But soon Microsoft will offer the alternative of playing Xbox games on a PC.


Microsoft is merging its software for Windows PCs and for Xbox consoles. This means when you buy a game made by Microsoft or one of its close partners, you will be able to play it on either device. It could potentially change the way gamers buy and play games, because they won’t need an Xbox console to experience Microsoft’s latest hit titles.

Titles like the space-age shooter Halo have become some of the most sought-after games in the industry. Some people buy an Xbox just so they can play certain games. Making them available on PCs might bolster computer sales among consumers, and that’s a win for Microsoft whose software powers those computers.


That’s key at a time when Microsoft needs to convince the tech industry to support its Windows 10 operating system, which was released in July and currently runs on just 11.9 percent of PCs. Computer makers like Hewlett-Packard have blamed Microsoft for underwhelming PC sales.

Bringing some of the industry’s most popular games to Windows could make a difference.

#Microsoft Will Now Release Xbox One Exclusives On The PC Same Day