Far Cry Primal Assassin’s Creed And Blood Dragon Easter Eggs

Far Cry Primal released today, and players are already finding Easter eggs. One player has discovered two that seem to point at Assassin’s Creed and the neon-infused Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

YouTuber OniZombies posted two videos to his channel, showing where you can find the Easter eggs (via Polygon). The Assassin’s Creed tease can be seen in the video above and features a character performing the series’ signature “leap of faith.” Oni notes the theory that all Ubisoft games take place in the same universe and says this character may be the very first to perform the high-diving jump

The Blood Dragon Easter egg video can be seen below and shows you the directions to finding it. You arrive to a cave which contains a blood dragon’s skeleton, lit by neon. You’re rewarded with an achievement called “Mark 4 Wenja” for discovering “the future past,” which is in reference to Blood Dragon’s ’80s-style future setting.

#Far Cry Primal Assassin’s Creed And Blood Dragon Easter Eggs