7 Of The Best Nintendo NX Leaks And Details

7. In-Game Resolution Will Be 900p, 60FPS

At first glance, seeing that the NX will only support 900p resolutions may cause murmurs of discontent, especially when you consider all the grief the poor Xbox One gets for not matching the PS4’s 1080p. With that said, it’s been a long time since the gaming public has even expected Nintendo consoles to match the power of its rivals, and so long as games run smoothly, there shouldn’t be too many complaints.

That’s where the next piece of information comes in. On the same line as the 900p info in the leak, it was mentioned that gameplay graphics would run at ’60fps’. It seems unlikely that the survey would’ve mentioned this if it didn’t mean ‘stable’ 60fps, because otherwise the frame-rate would vary from game to game and the info would be negligible.


This doesn’t seem like too much to ask at 900p resolutions, and if Nintendo could maintain a 60fps standard across all its games then it’d be a big selling point for the console. With that said, the Wii U manages plenty of games at 60fps at a 1080p resolution, so some people may accuse the NX resolution as a bit of a backward step.

Naturally, we’re assuming that the frame-rate and resolution apply to the main NX console, but the survey doesn’t specify that, so there’s an outside chance that it could be talking about the handheld NX device. If that’s the case, then that’d be even more of a coup for Nintendo.

6. Gameplay Will Flow Between The NX And A Handheld NX Device

One piece of information to have emerged from the recent leaks that could be a bit of a red flag for gamers is the notion that gameplay will ‘flow’ between the home console and the handheld parts of the NX.

Now, ‘flow’ is a pretty vague term, but isn’t that exactly what Nintendo tried with the Wii U – the console whose fatal unpopularity caused the NX to come into existence much sooner than Nintendo would’ve originally liked? The idea of intertwining a home console with a handheld has never seemed like a bad one, but surely the PS Vita and the Wii U are empirical evidence that it just doesn’t translate to reality very well.


Ultimately, having a screen in your hands is a distraction from the game, rather than the extra layer of immersion it was always intended to be. Why look at a small screen in your hands when you can look at the gorgeous big one that is your TV? You can argue that it makes things more suspenseful in a horror game, but if you get attacked by a zombie in ZombiU while sifting through your inventory on your gamepad, then you won’t even be looking at the right screen to get the desired shock impact. In terms of making information easy to digest, a small screen also holds no advantages over the big one that you’re being forced to look away from.

Of course, Nintendo probably has some kind of new angle on this ‘flowing’ experience up its sleeve, but it’s proven to be dangerous territory in the past. Also, with VR promising to completely redefine immersion in gaming this year, other immersive gimmicks are prone to looking archaic by comparison. Nintendo, I hope you know what you’re doing

5. 4K/60FPS Video Streaming

For all the early rumours focusing on how the NX was going to be first and foremost a gamers’ console, Nintendo are as aware as anyone that even a gamers’ console today needs to double as an effective all-round media centre.

So you won’t hear too many complaints at the prospect of 4K, 60fps video streaming on the Nintendo NX. But what’s significant about this is that mentioning it as one of the core features of the NX sends the message that Nintendo wants to present its console as having equally good media centre functionality as the PS4 and Xbox One.


4K video streaming would be useless without the corresponding TV-streaming apps to go with it, and Nintendo consoles have traditionally been poor at supporting them, with the few Wii U TV apps like Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime not getting the same level of support as their PS4 and Xbox One counterparts.

Nintendo needs to get up to speed on the video-streaming side of things, and this is a positive indicator that they’re determined to do it.

4. A Proper Achievements System

Nintendo’s yet to introduce a true equivalent to the PS4 and Xbox One’s achievements systems. Perhaps that’s because it recognises the futility of making us grind for painstaking numbers of hours just to obtain a digital little stamp for their efforts, and has been biding its time to introduce a system that offers genuine value for players.

The leaked survey says that the NX will allow players to “Earn and share gaming achievements, triumphs and defeats with your gaming friends”. While this vague statement could be hinting that the NX will allow you to quickly record moments from your gaming and share them, the word ‘earn’ is the big giveaway there that suggests some kind of rewards system for your in-game achievements.


Now, on the one hand Nintendo could be gearing up to offer a PS4/XBO-style basic achievements system that just gives you little icons and feelings of satisfaction for your efforts. Alternatively, it could integrate in some way with the upcoming My Nintendo membership program, which will reward people with credit in Nintendo’s digital store, official merchandise and other actual legitimate rewards for things that they do in-game.

This would add a whole new layer of value to achievements, and would certainly give Nintendo the upper hand over the competition if implemented properly.

3. PS4, PC And Smartphone Compatibility?

In a separate leak, Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki spotted a reputable analyst’s report that suggested Nintendo was gearing up to make the NX cross-compatible – to an unknown extent – with PCs, smartphones, and… the PlayStation 4?!?

We’ve been given few hints as to how this would work – though the report points to recent patents Nintendo filed for ‘shared processing’ and a ‘portable controller’, which suggest that the NX could be designed to work with other devices. While smartphones were the first things mentioned in this report (which makes sense given Nintendo’s imminent move into the mobile games market), the PS4 and PCs were also put forward as possibilities.



Could the NX not be a full-sized console at all, but some kind of parasitic device that leeches off the processing power of other devices? Not likely, but if Nintendo do find some way of using the horsepower or other capabilities of other devices, then that really would be a shocking, game-changing move.

With that said, this is the most speculative of all the leaks, even though it comes from good sources, so don’t hold your breath for an NX console that leeches off the PS4’s hardware just yet.

2. Netflix-Style Games Subscription

A day after the original leak from the market research survey, the second part of the survey also appeared online. This part asked participants how they’d feel about a Netflix-style monthly subscription service for games, which would be rotating and updated every several months.

Mercifully, nothing was mentioned about these games being streamed, so it’s possible that this service will allow you to download games, but presumably under some kind of DRM where they get locked off once their time in the library rotation is up.


If the Nintendo NX was – as the survey suggested – to launch with a 150-strong library of games available to play for a subscription fee, then we can also deduce that these games would be from Nintendo’s back-catalogue rather than shiny new console exclusives. In turn, this would all but confirm that the NX will, as expected, be backwards-compatible with previous Nintendo consoles (and hopefully the Wii U).

1. It Will Come With A Sensor Bar

The Nintendo Wii motion controller was one of the best business moves in the history of gaming, so even though the more hardcore gaming demographic will scoff at the prospect of the family-friendly feature, it makes sense for Nintendo to keep it in there in some capacity.


This doesn’t necessarily mean that the NX will be the spiritual successor to the original Wii, as Nintendo has outlined time and again that the console will be aimed at core gamers, which by extension means that the light-weight, family-oriented party games won’t be a priority for the console

While the sensor bar certainly suggests that motion controls will have some part to play in the NX’s future, it could also be there mainly to accommodate backwards compatibility with older Wii and Wii U games, signalling Nintendo’s loyalty to its fanbase and those with substantial Nintendo back-catalogues.

#7 Of The Best Nintendo NX Leaks And Details