5 Interesting Things To Do In Far Cry Primal

5. Seek Out Hidden Cave Paintings

Far Cry 2 had diamonds to buy weapons, Far Cry 3 had hidden memory cards, diary excerpts and hidden statues. Far Cry 4 had masks, letters, journals and prayer wheels, and  Primal continues this trend with cave paintings.


Hidden away in caves (where else?) and sometimes behind burnable debris or dying plant life are the paintings: pre-historical sketches of animals and other symbols of the time. A collectible stat is tied to finding all 22 of them in total, and what’s good is that the caves seem as interconnected as ever, promoting you to dive below the surface and see what you can find.

4. Expand Your Territory And Recruit Tribe Members

Light and fire are vital to survival when it’s approximately 10,000 B.C. and you can forget all about flashlight attachments or enemy Jeep headlights picking you out from the bushes. Fire is essential for lighting your way through caves, setting your weapons on fire for better offensive capabilities and for lighting bonfires that serve as fast travel points.


But it’s no longer you making your mark on somebody else’s land: you’re literally expanding your own tribe as you travel and conquer greater expanses of land – and these are marked on the map by bonfires being the focus of your new camps.  The new camps will expand the overall population of your tribe but this time you have to go out and recruit tribe members to join the Wenja tribe, too. And not all of them are going to be straightforward – or indeed, sane.

3. Attack A Woolly Mammoth With Your Tribespeople

This is a dangerous world and you’ve got to step up and defend yourself and your tribe when the time comes. Woolly mammoths, however are something special to behold and aren’t just willing to go down with three arrows in their hides. They are huge, and can actually stomp across the plains at a decent pace to gore you to pieces in just a few hits.


Using your tribal allies is key to success when it comes to taking down one of these beasts: play it slow, get down low and be as stealthy as possible in your approach. Spring a surprise attack and even use fire to your advantage if you can – otherwise you’ll be face down in the dirt quicker than you can yell, “It’s stampeding from the riverbank!”

The best thing though, is you can ride them. YOU CAN RIDE A WOOLLY MAMMOTH INTO BATTLE!

2. Learn How Fire Spreads, And How To Use It Best

Fire was one of the main selling points of 2008’s Far Cry 2 and could be a valuable ally as well as a dangerous and uncontrollable force of nature. With savannahs and long grasses surrounding you in a fictionalised African setting, a misplaced grenade or Molotov could spell doom in minutes as you quickly became surrounded by flames with no clear way out. This was in addition to the sheer difficulty of coping with being surrounded by clever enemies, un-jamming unreliable weapons and shoving malaria tablets down your throat before you pass out.


In Primal, fire makes a welcome return and there are plenty of opportunities to set encampments alight to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies. It is dynamic and dangerous, quickly spreading both quickly and realistically. Remember, this is set thousands of years ago, too, so there’s no emergency services to get you out of that hot spot you’ve created.

1. Become The King Of The Stone Age

our tribe is looking to you to grow it, help it survive and spread out across the world of Oros. There are plenty of other vicious tribes vying to take your head and join it with the flinty tip of their spears, and that’s before you’ve even considered the sheer number of ferocious animals roaming the wilds you’ll be facing off against.


If you want to make it in the savage world of Far Cry Primal, you’d better be prepared to climb up the food chain and fight for the chance to become an apex predator, eventually owning the crown as King of the Stone Age.

There will be little chance for negotiation when you’re overthrowing tribe leaders who don’t even speak your language. Get a beast companion, craft the best weapons, gather greater numbers for your tribe then use force, use cunning and most of all, survive in the harsh world of Far Cry Primal.

#5 Interesting Things To Do In Far Cry Primal