God Of War 4: 6 Direction It Could Take

6. Kratos Returns To Take On Gods From Other Mythologies

After avenging the death of his kin in God of War 3 and laying waste to virtually every beast and deity Greek mythology has to offer, where Sony can take Kratos next is a conundrum the size of Mount Olympus.

Retiring the irate demigod would likely divide the fanbase. On the one hand, his story reached a satisfying – if slightly ambiguous – conclusion during the PlayStation 3 era, but on the other, can we really have a God of War game without Kratos?


There’s little left to pillage from Greek scripture, so if Sony are set on bringing the angry cueball back for another bloody rampage, the pages of other mythologies could serve as deep wells of inspiration for them to draw from.

Kratos is running out of reasons to be angry, but it’s a safe bet to assume that the gods of Norse and Roman mythology would put a bee back into his proverbial bonnet if they were thrown into the mix together.

As the series’ has been firmly rooted in the Greek myths up until this point, a bold move like this could result in an unholy mess of conflicting ideologies, but who wouldn’t want to see Kratos ripping the head off Mars or bashing Thor to a pulp with his own hammer?

5. A Spinoff Starring Deimos

Kratos’s journey from God of War to vengeful god-slayer may be complete, but fans aren’t as well acquainted with his brother, Deimos, a Spartan warrior who was referenced in God of War 3, and played a key role in the PSP prequel Ghost of Sparta.

Those well versed in their God of War lore will point out that Deimos met his maker at the end of Ghost of Sparta, but since when does death mean anything in Greek mythology? Its annals are awash with stories of resurrection and the afterlife.


There are countless ways that Kratos’s battle-scarred brother could cheat death and spearhead God of War 4 as the franchise’s new protagonist, either to bridge gaps in his backstory or carry the saga forwards beyond the events of the third core entry in the series.

The world-shattering events of God of War 3 left Ancient Greece in an ugly state, so perhaps the next sequel could follow the exploits of Deimos in a post-apocalyptic world? Better yet, he could team up with Kratos to treat players to some no-holds-barred co-op action.

4. A Sequel Set In Modern Times

Sony’s roadmap for the God of War at one stage had a sequel set in modern times penciled onto it, the original game’s hidden ending ‘Fate of the Titan’ tells us at much.

For anyone who didn’t beat the game on Spartan difficulty (or has never stumbled upon the ending on YouTube), it depicted a band of explorers discovering Pandora’s Temple thousands of years later, and speaks of myths being awakened and new heroes rising.


Was this a red herring, an idea that was scrapped somewhere along the line, or the setup for God of War 4? Although the latter seems unlikely considering the sequence dates back ten years, the concept of a modern day sequel is an idea with potential.

Reviving Kratos in present day is probably a terrible direction to take, but the concept of modern hero and villains stumbling upon weaponry and powers from Greek mythology is a setup that could pave the way for another truly great trilogy.

3. Another Prequel

Nobody wants another God of War prequel. The Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta were excellent games by the humble PSP’s standards, but Ascension failed to recapture the epic scope of God of War 3 – surely Sony will only go down this path if their well of inspiration has run drier than the Desert of Lost Souls.

The problem with the God of War prequels is that Kratos squared off against all of the best deities and mythical beasts in the core trilogy, which left only Mount Olympus’s B Team to slaughter in Ascension and its handheld predecessors.


That said, there are chapters of Kratos’s life that could be explored further if Santa Monica were utterly desperate. His time as a general in the Spartan army, leading up to the events that saw him become Ares’s thrall is a stone that hasn’t been bled yet.

However, reports suggest Sony is keen to avoid the temptation to milk the backstory any further, so a fourth prequel is God of War 4’s least likely incarnation.

2. A Series Reboot

The fans would be more angry and vengeful than Kratos himself if Sony palmed them off with another prequel, but it’s debatable whether they want a traditional sequel, either.

The Ghost of Sparta’s story has a solid beginning, middle and end, so why draw it out beyond its natural conclusion? Perhaps hitting the reboot switch is the only way for the God of War series to thrive in the PlayStation 4 era?


Starting afresh, retelling the story of Kratos with the raw power of the PS4 on their side is one option at Santa Monica’s disposal. Retain the essence of the original, with expanded levels, superior graphics and online co-op support with Deimos shoehorned into the mix.

Another option is to wipe the slate clean, retain the Ancient Greek setting but with an alternative protagonist taking up the God of War crown. Maybe Ares could be our anti-hero?

1. A Multiplayer-Centric God Of War

As we’ve already speculated extensively about God of War 4’s story, how about a prediction regarding the kind of gameplay it will offer? Case in point, the inclusion of multiplayer seems like a no-brainer given that Ascension introduced it to the series with great effect.

But there’s plenty of room to build on this, introducing more competitive features, weapons, playable characters and areas. And, as we’ve already touched on, Sony Santa Monica will have mythed a trick if they spurn the opportunity for co-op gameplay.


Think about it – puzzles, blistering combat and epic boss battles against screen-filling opponents are the pillars of God of War, and all of these things would feel fresh and new if tackled cooperatively, beside either a computer-controlled ally or human companion.

Kratos and Deimos is an obvious pairing, although the chance to control other members of the pantheon and sample their awesome powers could be equally rewarding.

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