5 Upcoming Games That Could Define Next Gen Gaming

5. The Last Guardian


The game that produced the biggest “SQUEE!” from this gamer was the reveal that “The Last Guardian” is not dead. If you’re unfamiliar, this game has been in some state of development for years, and it’s been so long since we heard anything about it, that many understandably presumed it would only surface again in “Potentially Great Games That Never Happened” listicles. “The Last Guardian”—and this should really give caution for too much excitement on anything that ever happens at E3—debuted at E3 2009! It was originally going to come out for the PS3 in 2011 but technical problems and behind-the-scenes drama forced delay after delay. It was revealed since the trailer hit at E3 that the game transitioned from a PS3 title to a PS4 one in 2012, and has essentially been in development since then. It will hit the system in PS4 (fingers crossed) and looks like it could be a title like “Journey” or “Shadow of the Colossus” in the way it redefines what we expect from a game. You play a young boy who forms a bond with a magical, giant creature named Trico, who you have to use to get from point A to point B. The world creation looks amazing, and if the game really uses tools like friendship and trust the way that other developers use firepower and violence, it could be essential to the future of the PS4

4. Final Fantasy VII Remake


Whaaaaaaat? While the “Final Fantasy” series has never been one that fully cast an effective spell on me, even this “FF” casual fan can recognize the power and importance of “Final Fantasy VII.” And so the news that Square Enix has begun production on a remake of one of the most important games of all time is about as big as it got at E3 this year. It’s like having a film festival and announcing you’re remaking “Citizen Kane.” People would talk. “Final Fantasy VII” sold over 11 million copies, and continues to influence not only “FF” games but all RPGs. We know almost nothing about “FF VII” but its very existence is major, huge, gigantic news. We’ll keep you updated

3. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End


Every “Uncharted” game has made my top five at the end of the year. And the new one looks absolutely amazing. As we predicted, Sony used E3 to build excitement even more for “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End,” Nathan Drake’s PS4 debut. They also pushed the fact that “The Nathan Drake Collection,” HD remasterings of the three award winners to date, will be release by the end of this year, which makes it a little easier to deal with the pain over having to wait 9 more months for “Uncharted 4” (it’s schedule for March 2016). A little easier. But not much.

2. Horizon: Zero Dawn


The team behind “Killzone” has transferred their notable skills from alien FPS combat to a dinosaur game? Color me intrigued. No one really knew about “Horizon: Zero Dawn” before E3 last week and it has that depressing launch date of “TBD 2016” (which can quickly become “TBD 2017” and “TBD 2018” if you’re not watching). But Sony unveiled a lot of footage and stills at E3, which leads me to believe it may be closer to done than a lot of E3 titles from this year. Sony promises “a compelling, emotional journey” in a “lush, post-apocalyptic world” in which gamers will have to deal with old-fashioned hunting and futuristic combat. A sci-fi shooter with dinosaurs? Where do I sign up?



There were a TON of sequels promoted at E3 this year—we are in an era shockingly dry of original IPs—and I’m as excited as anyone for new games in the “Dark Souls,” “Metal Gear Solid,” “South Park,” “Call of Duty,” and “Star Wars” series. The verification that EA has been working on a “Mass Effect” game was cool but the trailer shows us SO little that I’d be surprised if we saw this game before 2017, maybe even 2018. It’s incredibly neat to see how far they’ve come with a “Mirror’s Edge” reboot. But the franchise relaunch/sequel that had me the most surprisingly pumped (that wasn’t “Fallout 4”) was the reveal of IO and Square-Enix’s “Hitman,” and one of the reasons was that it’s coming out in December. A big E3 reveal that we get to play this year is as rare as a Chicago World Series win. The trailer is fantastic, and the E3 interviews revealed that the game will be a blend between “Blood Money,” arguably the best “Hitman” game, and the mechanics of “Absolution,” one of my favorite games of 2012. A game I didn’t know about a week ago is now one of my five most anticipated of 2015. I love E3.

#5 Upcoming Games That Could Define Next Gen Gaming