Nintendo’s New Reward Programs Launching In March And Here How It Works

Nintendo has confirmed that its new rewards program, My Nintendo, will launch in March. In a shareholder meeting, it revealed a few new details, along with news it will be available alongside Miitomo, its first mobile game.

According to its presentation, My Nintendo will launch globally and all existing members of Club Nintendo will become My Nintendo members. The program will be available to use across 3DS, Wii U, smart devices, PCs, and Nintendo’s next system, NX.

Unlike Club Nintendo’s Coin system, the new program will have two levels of points: Gold points and Platinum points. Since Nintendo’s presentation was in Japanese, the exact nature of how points are accrued and what they’re used for is not clear for now.

Nintendo announced plans to close Club Nintendo in January 2015. Europe’s Club Nintendo went out by introducing one final item before the service shut down for good: a commemorative Goodbye Coin.

The Goodbye Coin came inside of a drawstring pouch that said “thanks” in Japanese. One side of the coin features Mario and Luigi waving goodbye with “thank you” written in Japanese on one side; the other side features the Club Nintendo logo. The coin is silver-plated and has a diameter of about 40mm (1.57 inches) and is approximately 3mm (.12 inches) thick.

#Nintendo’s New Reward Programs Launching In March And Here How It Works