Final Fantasy XV Gets Magic,Combat and the Niflheim Empire

After a long wait for new footage, Square Enix just released the recording of the new Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report broadcast, subtitled in English, together with a “snapshot” video from the North American arm of the publisher.

As usual, the livestream was hosted by Director Hajime Tabata, and he had a lot of info to share.

The broadcast gives us more insight on the Niflheim Empire, which pretty much works as the “villain” country in the world of the game (even if this is a Final Fantasy game, so you never really know what will happen as the story progresses), combat, magic, and even a look on stealth and on a brand new (and devilishly charming) character, Aranea Highwind.

Funnily, all the game footage was broadcasted one hour before (talk about spoilers) the Active Time Report from a stage event at Taipei Game Show, and you can find it on its own here, but it’s worth watching again and listening to Tabata-san’s in-depth explanation.

But without further ado, get comfortable, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy the broadcast below.

#Final Fantasy XV Gets Magic,Combat and the Niflheim Empire