Nintendo NX Will Launch This Year According To Gamestop CEO

Retailer asks punters if they plan on buying a new console from Nintendo in 2016.

A survey by US retail giant GameStop is asking customers if they plan to buy Nintendo’s next console this year.


It could be a question built on speculation about Nintendo’s new hardware. Or it could be based in internal knowledge and planning by the retailer, which would need to allocate shelf and stock space early for a console and its software ahead of launch.


As spotted by GoNintendo, the survey lumps the Nintendo NX in with known hardware releases for 2016, including the Oculus VR and PlayStation VR headsets.

The latest rumours about Nintendo NX are that it’s a console that pairs seamlessly with a handheld device.

Will we here official word from Nintendo about the NX before E3 in June?

#Nintendo NX Will Launch This Year According To Gamestop CEO