Here’s How You Can Get The Division Beta

Want to get on the The Division’s closed beta next week? Here’s how.

The Division’s closed beta begins next week, starting first on Xbox One on January 28. It then continues on PS4 and PC from Jan 29 to Jan 31.


That might not seem like a long time, but the good news is you’ll be able to download the beta client 48 hours before it goes live so in theory you’ll be able to start playing immediately. Just as well, the file size on PC is over 26GB.

The only guaranteed way to access the closed beta at this point is to preorder the game on either PS4, Xbox One or PC.


If you’re not willing to put your money down on the game just yet, you should follow The Division on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. All are expected to drop codes closer to the beta – some channels already have.

Also get yourself signed up on the official website and keep checking over the beta period as these tests usually scale. Once the developers are comfortable with the amount of players on the beta, Ubi may try and intentionally stress the build by adding more players. You may get a code on the very last day.


Remember that beta trials usually go a bit wonky but they can also get extended if the developer needs to work out more issues behind the scenes. This happened with the Rainbow Six: Siege beta, another Ubisoft game, which actually got extended twice. So there’s hope you may be able to play The Division past the designated times.

#Here’s How You Can Get The Division Beta