A Man’s Goal Is Finish Every Steam Game Available

A Norwegian man’s goal since 2012 has been to finish every single Steam game available. It seems like an impossible task, one that even he knows he’ll never complete. Regardless, that isn’t stopping him from working towards that insurmountable goal.

The man goes by Multitasker on Reddit, which is where he updates the project he’s dubbed “Finish all Steam games.” He recently posted the eighth progress report. He displays his progress on a picture of his Steam library that also includes his personal favourites, underrated games, and games that he wishes were on Steam. You can see that picture above.


In an interview with Eurogamer, Multitasker reveals he isn’t someone with unlimited free time and no responsibilities. He’s actually a married man with a job and a two year old son. And he’s expecting another child, too.

Multitasker limits himself to playing three games at a time, installing a new one once he’s beaten the last. To him, beating a game is seeing the credits roll. Multiplayer games, which can’t be finished in the same way, have been postponed until after he’s completed all of Steam’s single-player experiences.


To prove he’s actually finishing the games, Multitasker records his progress on a YouTube channel.

He might have bought some of his games from the latest Steam Winter Sale, which despite breaking tradition by not offering daily and flash deals, was a huge hit.

#A Man’s Goal Is Finish Every Steam Game Available