See What’s New In PS4 System Update 3.15

A new PlayStation 4 system update will be released later today, January 13, but it doesn’t add new features or functionality. Instead, this update–3.15–is described as “minor” and is focused on improving system performance

Sony didn’t say, however, what specific areas of system performance are improved with this update.



For comparison, Microsoft’s Xbox One got its latest major update, the New Xbox One Experience, in November 2015.

Both Microsoft and Sony have not historically released major system updates for their platforms in December and January. That’s in part because millions of new consoles are being switched on for the first time during the holiday period and the platform-holders would rather focus on system stability.

The next major Xbox One update is coming in February, while Sony has not announced when that will happen for PS4.

#See What’s New In PS4 System Update 3.15