Nintendo Network Going Down As Wii U And 3DS Goes Offline

The company has announced it will be performing scheduled maintenance next week, which could last up to ten hours.


The downtime is set for Tuesday, January 12 at 1am UK time and will last until 11am, removing some core services, like online play and rankings, during this time.

“Some network services may become unavailable,” an official Nintendo message warns fans.

It is currently unclear why Nintendo are performing the scheduled maintenance, although it is not uncommon for gaming consoles to be taken offline for updates.


Nintendo recently announced that its hit FPS, Splatoon is set to wind down on content updates in January 2016, with some of the final weapons starting be revealed.

The company have pledged that Splatfest events and balancing patches will continue to keep the game running on Wii U, it is still unclear just how much new content will be added before it stops.

One new weapon coming to the game today is the Octobrush Nouveau, which will arrive at 10am in the UK.

The Octobrush-hybrid replaces Squid Beakon and the Kraken with the Inkzooka and Splat Bombs.


While Splatoon slowly wraps up its DLC offering, Nintendo fans will be looking forward to finding out about the NX project set to revealed later this year.

Another title being launched this year is Pokemon Go, an AR game that will allow fans to catch Pokemon scattered across the world using their phone or a Pokemon Plus wrist device.

#Nintendo Network Going Down As Wii U And 3DS Goes Offline