New Star Wars Open World RPG Is Coming

Budding Dallas-based game designer Devin Tripp is either a young and innocent dreamer, or a half-hearted scam artist. All the same, he’s launched a new Kickstarter campaign to design an open-world Star Wars RPG with a story that will blow our collective minds, complemented by the graphical beauty of Battlefront and the gameplay feel of The Witcher 3.


All he needs is $200,000, permission from Disney, a working knowledge of the game industry, artistic skills, programming skills, and a slew of actual game design professionals to do the work. At least, that’s what I’ve derived from his Kickstarter pitch, which is either hopelessly endearing or just a half-baked joke.

“I do not have permission from Disney to create this game as of now. Disney has no part of this as of now. I have received a reply from Disney telling me to ask Lucas Films,” Tripp explains in his introduction. He then proceeds to give us a glimpse into his vision for a perfect Star Wars RPG.


“Like many of us when we were kids, we wanted to be like Luke Skywalker or obi one Kinobi [emphasis mine], but like all of us, we do not live in a galaxy far far away.” Tripp then bemoans the lack of any good Star Wars RPGs (he must have skipped KOTOR) and decides to take matters into his own hands by writing a story that will “fit inside a RPG video game.”

Tripp is transparent, I’ll give him that. His Kickstarter reads like a 12-year old’s dream, innocent and naive. He longs to create a game where Jedi can freely explore the galaxy with no boundaries, but openly admits this: ”I am not a very good programmer, and I’m an even worst artist. I want to put this project into the hands of professionals, but in order to do that I need money to hire them.”

#New Star Wars Open World RPG Is Coming