GTA 5 Liberty City DLC Expansion Pack For Single-Players?

GTA V September 17, 2013 date of the present serious situation as a period of time in history and the other series that will directly impact the story has come out of the DLC and time is running out. GTA Online’s always up to date and specific time intervals can move up the bar again with a comprehensive story mode DLC expansion pack may come to know a great time. However, a continuation of the story in a package is waiting for us in the end.


Such theory that very famous Youtube videos are mrbossftw According to the information put forward by the Liberty City of GTA V’s story as you will be staying. According to leaked information that will affect the story mode before talking about DLC Lowriders 2 Christmas update mrbossftw ‘also be noted that the exit.

DLC package comes as Liberty City? Online gamers seeking clues in the files of GTA Liberty City as they found Detective findings. Among the new updates are hidden but can be opened from the GTA Online, “I LOVE LC” T-shirt case have taken place.



Players with mod makers of GTA V and Funmw2 Online GTA Liberty City map set out by adding the allegations are consolidating. And it’s easy to say that the map of GTA V added. Because GTA IV and GTA V RAGE game engine is the same. If we consider the possibility that the allegations are not true advantage for Rockstar Games it has provided.

ALLEGATIONS they continue to idda are going to take his head. Time will show us the truth of this assertion. Let’s do our characters will make a trip to Liberty City to Los Santos?

#GTA 5 Liberty City DLC Expansion Pack For Single-Players?