Rock Climbing Video Game For Oculus Rift

Crysis and Ryse: Son of Rome developer Crytek has announced another virtual reality game. In addition to Robinson: The Journey for PlayStation VR, the German developer is working on a brand new rock climbing game that’s appropriately enough called The Climb. This game is exclusive to Oculus Rift.

In The Climb, you scale deadly cliffs without ropes or any other assistance. The player is represented by a pair of hands that are controlled either with an Xbox One pad (which comes with Rift) or Oculus Touch controllers in conjunction with the Rift headset.

Gameplay involves exploring rock faces to find your way to the top, just as solo climbers do in real life. Rock climbing in real life is a physically demanding endeavor; climbers sweat and use chalk to get their grip back. This is also replicated in the game.

#Rock Climbing Video Game For Oculus Rift