PS4, Xbox One, WII U Global Lifetime Sales Revelead

VGChartz’ William D’Angelo writes: “Looking at the total sales of the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U in November 2015 shows how the PlayStation 4 has continued to grow its lead over the Xbox One and Wii U, outselling both of them combined. The Xbox One in turn continues to increase its lead over the Wii U.

The PlayStation 4 passed the 31 million mark, the Xbox One passed the 17 million mark, and the Wii U passed the 11 million mark. The PS4 has sold 31.50 million units lifetime, the Xbox One 17.17 million units, and the Wii U 11.24 million units.

Taking a look at the marketshare, the PlayStation 4 tops the other two platforms combined. The PlayStation 4 has 53 percent market share, the Xbox One sits at 29 percent, and the Wii U 18 percent.

PlayStation 4 Total Sales: 31,496,906

Xbox One Total Sales: 17,174,630

Wii U Total Sales: 11,243,204″

#PS4, Xbox One, WII U Global Lifetime Sales Revelead