Minecraft Wii U Edition Officially Coming Very Soon

Despite initial suggestions that it might never happen, Minecraft is finally coming to Wii U.

Nintendo and Mojang announced today that the massively successful openended sandbox game will arrive through the eShop on December 17 for $30. A physical version of the game has not been announced.”That’s a surprise, eh?” Mojang said on its website.

Minecraft for Wii U comes bundled with six of the “most popular” add-ons, as well as a “festive mash-up” themed around the holidays. You can also expect even more expansions (and free updates) later on.

“We’ll be adding more content packs to Wii U Edition in the near future (Wa-hoo!), and updating the core game with free updates, just like our other platforms,” Mojang added. “As a quick reminder: all DLC packs are optional. You can have significant amounts of fun playing Minecraft without spending extra cash.”


Mojang also confirmed that Minecraft for Wii U supports off-TV play via the GamePad. More details about the Wii U version will be announced in the lead-up to its release on December 17.

Back in March 2013, Mojang developer Jens Bergensten said a version of Minecraft for Wii U would be “very unlikely.”

Microsoft paid $2.5 billion to buy Minecraft and Mojang in September 2014. The Xbox company has continued to support Minecraft for non-Xbox consoles, this confirmation of a Wii U edition being just the latest example of that. The game franchise has been a top-performer in Microsoft’s gaming division, consistently helping boost revenue for the company on a quarterly basis.

Today’s announcement of a Wii U version is not altogether surprising, as a ratings board listed the title back in November. Another Minecraft game, Telltale’s Story Mode, is also coming to Wii U.

#Minecraft Wii U Edition Officially Coming Very Soon