Sony PS4 Updated SDK Enables 7th CPU Core

Sony has updated the PS4 software development kit to allow developers access to a previously unused CPU core.

Microsoft updated the Xbox One last year to allow access to the seventh CPU core, allowing games to run more smoothly on the systemplaystation_4_wallpaper_console_by_ghija-d77oacy

.“Core 6 is now denoted as shared, and for new captures, Razor splits the activity on that core between user and system,” reads the Sony update. “Old captures still show core 6 as a system core, as was accurate at the time they were made.”

Development sources told VG247 that previous cores used by the PS4 are listed as 0-5. The PS4 has eight cores in total based on the Jaguar architecture from AMD.

#Sony PS4 Updated SDK Enables 7th CPU Core