Just Cause 3 Explore The 400 square miles Map


Just Cause 3‘s map also covers 400 square miles, and it takes more than 15 minutes to traverse its longest axis, using the game’s many action-packed modes of travel.

PlayStation Access published this video todaytoday to give Just Cause fans a tour of the open-world environment. While the linear distance of the Medici in Just Cause 3 is roughly the same as Panau from Just Cause 2, Medici’s mountainous terrain includes greater elevation changes, which makes the journey a little longer. Just Cause 3‘s maps also will be a little more dense, meaning more features packed into roughly the same space.

Just Cause 3 launches Dec. 1 — that’s Tuesday — for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One. If you’re looking for an even longer video

#Just Cause 3 Explore The 400 square miles Map