Insanely Beautiful Nintendo Gameboy Concept

Nintendo has been hinting at having a new console in the works, but what I’d really like to see from the gaming giant is a portable system based on this beautiful Gamboy-inspired concept by Munich-based designer Florian Renner.


Renner reimagined the 26-year old Gameboy with a horizontal form factor that has room for a larger screen, a headphone jack and more buttons to suit modern games.


It was primarily about the experience I had as a child, the first time I held a Gameboy in my hands and the question about why I was less interested to play with later models.

Although the first version was very clunky, it shared with the NES console a unique, simple design language that was removed in later releases.

These characteristics which still represent the Nintendo brand don’t have to be renounced completely in my view. Thats why I created this concept; I tried to keep it simple but still with its original design elements.

Once again, it’s just a render for now – but one can dream.

You can see more images of Renner’s concept on his site.


#Insanely Beautiful Nintendo Gameboy Concept