Grand Theft Auto Online Running Back Football Inspired Mode

Rockstar Games today announced a new Grand Theft Auto Online adversary mode. Called Running Back, the mode is inspired by American football (just in time for Thanksgiving) and is available now, but only on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Like other recent updates, last-generation players are being left out.


Running Back is basically football with cars. Here’s the official description, courtesy of Rockstar:

“Two teams (a total of 4-8 players) square off from opposing sides of a roadway. The elusive Runner, behind the wheel of a Benefactor Panto, must go the distance and get across the end zone line at the far end of the highway with the help of their offensive teammates in BF Biftas. Meanwhile, their defensive-minded opponents (also in Biftas) must ruthlessly block, crash and pummel their way to try to stop them.”


You can play Running Back in GTA Online at these locations: Ranton Canyon Bridge, La Mesa Bridge, and Zancudo Tunnel. It’s been added to the permanent rose of adversary modes.

GTA Online is the multiplayer mode for Grand Theft Auto V. It is free, but Rockstar makes money–a lot of money–from it by way of its microtransactions. By publisher Take-Two’s latest count, around 8 million people log into GTA Online every week.


As announced previously, Rockstar is focusing its efforts on new-generation consoles and PC for future GTA Online updates. The latest update before this one, which was focused on Halloween, also skipped last-generation consoles. It remains to be seen if the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of GTA Online receive any further significant content updates.

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