Halo 5 New DLC Teased Check Out The Images Here

Microsoft already confirmed that Forge tools for Halo 5: Guardians will launch in December, but now the studio is teasing even more extra content coming to the sci-fi shooter next month.


Spotted by Designntrend, the end of this week’s Halo 5 livestream (at about 2 hours, 2 minutes) features a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it video that teases December’s DLC. It looks like players have new weapons, weapon skins, and armor to look forward to, as well as what appears to be a Forge map set in Space.


One of the new weapons looks like the M41 Rocket Launcher, while it also appears players are getting the Mark IV helmet and some black and gold weapon skins.


The first major update for Halo 5 was Battle of Shadow and Light, which launched this week. It added the Big Team Battle mode, four new maps, and dozens of new Req packs. It is thefirst of numerous free updates that 343 plans to release for Halo 5 over the game’s lifespan.


Halo 5 launches for Xbox One on October 27 and made $400 million at launch, representing a new Halo franchise record.

#Halo 5 New DLC Teased Check Out The Images Here