Look How Fallout 4 Is Ruining Life

Fallout 4 released last week, but it’s already shipped 12 million copies, broken the most concurrent players record on Steam, and might have caused Pornhub’s traffic to drop during its launch day. And now it’s ruining lives.

Ranker.com posted a comedic video to their YouTube channel earlier today that features people talking about how Fallout 4 has taken the attention of various people’s significant others and ruined their lives. Everything from the special edition Pip Boy to the in-game bobbleheads are making life hard for the loved ones of Fallout 4 players.

And there aren’t even any mods for it yet.

This isn’t the first comical take on Fallout 4. The game was featured in Conan O’ Brien’s Clueless Gamer segment, preceded by a sketch that showed the comedian escaping a nuclear attack to play Bethesda’s open world game in a Fallout-style vault.

#Look How Fallout 4 Is Ruining Life