One Of The Worst Retro Game Ever!

Imagine being a gamer in the early Nineties and not having access to a version of Street Fighter II. Sad times, right? Well, never fear – dodgy pirate copies are here! Yes indeed, to fill the gap left by the lack of official versions for the NES, Master System and Game Gear, hard-working bootlegging groups made their own Street Fighter II clones.

The only problem is that most of them were total garbage – just have a look at Jang Pung 2 here. A Game Gear game which seems to run in Master System mode, it’s ugly, it sounds bad and it is roughly as fun as having your little fingers smashed with a hammer. Crazily though, this unlicensed clone actually ended up giving way to a fully original sequel called Jang Pung 3 that ranks amongst the better fighting games on the system.

Of course, that doesn’t even begin to redeem Jang Pung 2…

#One Of The Worst Retro Game Ever!