Life Is Strange Limited Edition Set For Xbox One, PS4 and PC

All five episodes of Life Is Strange will ship to retail on a limited edition disc set, publisher Square Enix has announced.

The Limited Edition will bundle all five episodes with a 32-page artbook, complete with unreleased concept art, a soundtrack, plus the original score by Jonathan Morali, and director’s commentary.


Publisher Square Enix has said the box set will release in January on PS4 and Xbox One, priced at $40 and £30. The PCPC version will ship in $10 and £10 cheaper.

Luc Baghadoust, a producer for Life is Strange, said the response to the game has “blown us away.”

He continued: “To be able to share that experience with our fans in a traditional boxed format is something we’re really excited about and the decision to include the extra items for the Limited Edition is a direct response to fan requests.”


Along with trying to stop the destruction of her home, Life Is Strange protagonist Max Caulfield also investigates the disappearance of fellow student Rachel Amber.

#Life Is Strange Limited Edition Set For Xbox One, PS4 and PC