Fallout 4 Codswoth Can Even Say Names Like “F**k Face” and “B**bies”

GamesRadar did some preliminary tests to discover how many names your robot chum Codsworth knows in Fallout 4, and now we have the full list. Don’t read on if you’d rather keep it a surprise, but the old metal coot will call you some…interesting things if you decide to input them as your name.


Both variations of my name are included, although the name I was going to pick for my character…isn’t. Boo! BUT there are lots of neat pop culture references in the 924-name-strong list. Including, but not limited to, Mulder and Scully from The X-Files, Quatermass from the classic BBC sci-fi serial, Preacher from…Preacher, ‘Imperator’ in honour of Furiosa from Mad Max, and oh look there’s Corvo from Bethesda’s Dishonored. You can also name yourself Sexy or Assface, and Codsworth will call you that throughout the game.

Phil liked him some Fallout 4; are you liking it so far, if you decided to pick it up? And, more importantly, don’t you just wish you’d named your Wastelander ‘Toast’ instead? (Thanks, Reddit)


#Fallout 4 Codswoth Can Even Say Names Like “F**k Face” and “B**bies”