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Well, today we got something different, something special and that is Project MQ. We got a chance to get our hands-on Project MQ and keep in mind that this is not our full review, this is just our first impressions so there are tons of features that are not usable at this time so… Yup, this our First impressions.

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First of all what is Project MQ simply Project MQ is Hulu plus and Netflix for gaming it helps gamers to connect each other and to share their experience in a more clean and sophisticated way there are many features such as Private chatting, Blog posts, buying game, get games latest information, forums, photo gallery, trailer for the games, podcast.

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Now, We are going to talk about some of the main features and first of all we got The most important part in Project MQ

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Games played crucial part in Project MQ (Well the most important part) there are tons of indie games available to buy (Once the project is done). And the fun part is that you can actually see their provided game reviews so you can decide whether to buy this game just by seeing their star rating or if you are not convinced by their reviews you can check out the screenshots, news, what gamers are saying, trailers and much more! And the good part is that they are able to do all of this thing very clearly and accurately,

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Suppose if you want to buy a game you probably go to Gamestop or any local gaming store, or just go to amazon and add that game to your cart so one thing is that there is not available is definite review or screenshots or trailers to see properly. So that you can satisfy yourself is that game good for you. This is not in the case of Project MQ if you are buying a game from Project MQ you are going to be fully satisfied with what you buy because you’re getting all of the news, trailers, screenshots, comments, rating. Which helps you decide more precisely.

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Project MQ got something very different for gamers is that their profiles and friends you can chat privately with your games just like you do on Twitter, Facebook etc.. And in the left hand side you will be able to see your friends and who’s online so you can chat without any problems

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The Awesome thing is that you can browse user profiles just like you normally do in Facebook, but in this thing that is a little different you have the freedom to see his/her photos, games, rating, songs, Instagram photos, friends, articles and his/her achievements.

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I loved the concept of connecting gamers in such a way.

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Photo gallery options provide you the best screenshots, wallpapers of games. There are usually 10-30 screenshots of a game and you can even comment on specific screenshots. Isn’t it cool well here are some pictures I got so you can see how it looks. Take a look down below

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Podcasts are a great way to interact and see what gamers are thinking in a group you will see a live upcoming and previous podcasts you can see how many peoples are watching you can leave comments which is a very cool feature. If you scroll down you will be able to read there podcast information what they are going to talk about in their podcast.

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If you are a gamer, you will know what a forum is. Let me tell you something if you have ever been to a gaming forum website you will see some ugly colors and confusing interface. But in a Project MQ the interface is simple, clear, and precise, which helps you to understand quickly what’s going on.

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You get some common gaming topics and other topics such as-gaming corner, photography wall, music room, computer floor, programmer’s office, creative workshops, random marketplace and complete off topic. So you got plenty of categories to browse and ask questions and also give answers. Pretty neat!

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Some of the little features which make Project MQ great are notifications, my profile, blog posts

In notification center you can see latest notifications based on your friends list your games so it completely depends on you how your notification centre will look

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My profile lets you customise the way you want to look at a community you can add your photos, songs, games and much more.

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Blogs Post helps you to see the latest articles so you can browse about games new topic and more!

NOTE-This not our full review so stay tuned for that also

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